Senjak, known as Djurdjevo brdo prior to World War II, is a tranquil residential district. Known for its lush greenery, this leafy part of town is home to numerous embassies and predominantly private residences. It lies 3 km from the centre of Belgrade, on the western hillside of Topčidersko Brdo, above the river Sava. The area has very good amenities, kindergartens, schools, a university and a large public park offering a place to relax.


Airport 18,7 km / 16 min by car
Center 3,3 km / 7 min by car


1.   Residence Puškinova
2.   Topčiderska Zvezda
3.   Sheher Restoran and Cafe Bar
4.   International School Belgrade
5.   Deutsche Schule Belgrad
6.   Ecole Francaise de Belgrade
7.   International Nursery School of Belgrade
8.   Careva Ćuprija Restaurant
9.   Sport Academy Senjak
10. Senjak green market
11. Museum of African Art
12. Radisson Ble Hotel
13. Ada Bridge
14. Mostar (Highway intersection)
15. Rustique Restaurant
16. Bizu Restaurant